politics and marketing

a very interesting thing happened today, that you see in the movies sometimes, but has never happened to me.


i got a call, at work, from a political party, the da (democratic alliance). i wasn’t there, i tried to call back, and after too many engaged signals i left it.


and wraggies waar don’t they phone again this evening on my cellphone.


she tells me that they are helping voters to register for the next elections, and could i confirm that i still live at such and such an address?


at this point in did what i always do with an unsolicited phone call, namely ask the caller where they got my details from.


“oh, from consumer databases”


“like what?”

“like from clothing accounts that you have, these lists can be like 5 years old”


“well, there’s something not true there, because i don’t have any store accounts and i have only been at this address for a year”


“would you like to speak to my manager?”


“what is it exactly that you would like from me?”


“are you a supporter of the da?”


“that’s really not any of your business…”


“thank you, good bye”

and she hangs up.


now, i am fastidious about not giving my cellphone number out unless it is absolutely vital, and i think i can trust the cource.


i am also fastidious about making sure that i un-check the little boxes that say “hereby i authorize you to share my details with a third party”.


anyway, so this is bugging me. i wanna know who they got my information from.


so i call back and ask to speak to the manager, who gives me the name of the company that collects the data from whom the da buys it.


so now i will be following that up with them. i’ll keep you posted.


what bugged me today:  an incessantly barking dog next door…


what i learnt today: that zimbabwe has won 4 times as many medals in the olympics than south africa


what i am grateful for: friends (again) and learning that they wanna spend time with you

One thought on “politics and marketing

  1. So I just got a call from MTN: “Hi blah blah… We know that you are curretnly with Vodacom but we have a contract that will save you lots of money…”

    What this means is that somebody in Vodacom is selling my information to the competition. Simple as that. They are probably selling it to the DA, ANC, CDP just for laughs.
    Hmm makes you think

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