lazy laughing sunday afternoons

this is the way that sunday afternoons should be spent… with good company, good friends, lots of laughing, wine…

i had some ‘new’ friends come over for a gaymes day – yep, 6 gay guys hanging out and just having a lekker time. they’re friends of a friend of mine, and have been so welcoming to include me, so that i can meet some other gay guys.

this is the problem of coming out later in life when your circle of friends is fairly set. and very straight. where do you meet other like minded guys?

well, after an evening over supper and then bronx, we’ve connected again at my house and it was just great. one of us cooked, i made baked alaska, we put the dining table outside and ate in the fresh air. we laughed a lot – about things i might have cringed about in the past. or about things that are still totally new to me. lots of good-natured quick repartee, witty come-backs, and discovering innuendos in many innocent comments or statements.

playing 30 seconds was quite different to when i play with my straight friends… describing “Chicago” via a role in the movie of the same name as opposed to O’Hare airport or US City… beautiful 🙂

i had a wonderful day – just what i needed 🙂

what bugged me today: nada, nothing, nix

what i learnt today: a lot of hanging out with a bunch of gay guys

what i am grateful for: my home, and having people in it that are having a good time and giving it soul

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