not much…


i wanted to write a whole long thing about the theatre today, but just as i was about to start, i got a call from a hotel in the drakensberg telling me they only have 1 room booked for our clients, while we have 2 confirmed to us.


and then when i called back they didn’t answer, then i did reach them, and they tell me that they only have 1 room for them tomorrow night, so the 4 clients will have to squeeze into 1 room with mattresses tomorrow night… this is not acceptable though…


“they’ll make a plan”… we’ll see…


oh, and the cutest portuguese speaking guide came into the office to see us today… he made a few breaths stop…. aah, it’s so nice to be able to admire without having to pretend you’re not.


and now i need to leave for food and the theatre.

what bugged me today: nothing i couldn’t deal with


what i learnt today: that zimbabwe still doesn’t have a solution to it’s crisis


what i am grateful for: my mom and the meals she cooks for me on the way to the theatre







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