ego on the side

in about 6 hours i get the keys to the theatre, and the play becomes my responsibility. it will always be the director’s “baby”, but as the stage manager i am responsible.


shooo…. (breathe in… breathe out…) … it’s quite something….


but i was thinking about it last night or this morning, and realized that we have rehearsed it all, and everyone has their place. most know it as well. and i suppose in general, i need to make sure it all fits together and everything happens when it does.


it’s not like i am alone – i have a great and very experienced team beside me – and for that i am grateful.


when the director first asked me to be production secretary and stage manager, my nose was a little out of joint – i want to be on stage. in the limelight. face the applause. bring the lines to life. love me. that type of thing.


now, i am so so happy to have done this instead. i have learnt so much (and it didn’t have to be lines!) and i am enjoying it. so thank you ms director.


last night’s show was fun – it always is the first time we have an audience. the cast feed off that laughter and reaction, and it was beautiful to see. each one of us on and off stage had a mess-up-moment, but we have all learnt from it. i, for example, didn’t make it snow. i made it avalanche. tonight i shall be more subtle.


we have the old age home in tonight – i always love that night. the gang that comes really appreciates the outing. and as long as we give them a good show, they will spread the good word.


let’s all break a leg!


oh, and happy birthday mutti… you would have been 87 today 🙂


what bugged me today: feeling tired


what i learnt today: that coca cola has a new sugar free drink called coke zero. in black packaging.


what i am grateful for: good weather forecast for the weekend (so i can be outdoors for part of it!)

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