happy hundred, vati!

i love it when things like this happen.


i was on my way to more set-building for the play today, and on the way i thought about my (favourite) gran and how it would have been her birthday on coming thursday. she would have been 87. i was pondering this, and thinking how it would be another 13 years before she would be 100, and how old i will be then. she died 5 years ago, and i sometimes really miss her.


and then, in the middle of painting a part of the set, there was my dad standing behind me. it took me a second to realize who it was, just because it was so unexpected. but it was so nice to see him there, stopping in on his way home. and he asked me, did i know what was to be celebrated today? in that moment i realized that it would have been his dad’s birthday today. and in fact he would have been 100 today. wonderful hey? pity he did when i was about 4, so i don’t really have a memory of him. but what a nice though – happy hundred vati.


i had a quick visit with leo between the set-building and an engagement party, and i decided that i will do the half marathon with leo when he does the winelands marathon in november. i am feeling very fat, flabby and unfit at the moment, and this is a great excuse to do something about it. it’s probably 2 years since i last ran a half marathon, so high time i did something about it again!


what bugged me today: the realization that i need to go to the dentist. soon.


what i learnt today: a little bit about locked in syndrome when i read jean-dominique bauby’s book the diving-bell & the butterfly. a beautiful with an interesting perspective on life for locked-ins and unlockeds


what i am grateful for: having learnt to say no in the face of temptation, when i know that i will feel better in the morning if i say no now

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