i have 699 books…

at 4pm i owned 697 books.

by 6pm i owned 699, as i bought another 2 on sale today.

the exclusive books sales are bad for me. this was my third visit.

127 of my books are “reference” type books. of the remaining 572 on my list (i loooove lists) i have read 32%. i set myself a target of reaching 38% by the end of 2008, but since i started it i have bought more than i have read.

but since i haven’t had a tv for 6 months, or even watched tv for a year now, i have been reading so much more than before. and i am loving it (almost as much as my lists).

and i have been in my “new” house for a year yesterday 🙂

when does it stop being my “new” house then…

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