monday, monday…

i struggled to get out of bed, expecting the worst for some reason. but at around lunchtime i realised that i was having a great day. everything was running smoothly, i was getting work done that i had put aside, i was smiling 🙂

of course, these things don’t always last – and i was quickly edgy after lunch – from a colleague with whom i had a misunderstanding – she jumped to conclusions and we basically trubbed each other up the wrong way, each taking the other’s comments not-quite-correctly…

then everyone’s favourite agent, who’s clients arrived tonight called to say they didn’t like their hotel. well, you get what you pay for, and on that budget you don’t get the glitz and glamour you may want. them going out to dinner before we can resolve it didn’t help, but that just means we need to do it in the morning.

anyway – i get to spend an evening eating and wining with gordon & laura & the kids – that’s always fun – thank heavens for friends, ey?

what bugged me: when people jump to conclusions about something that is not meant in a certain way. i am guilty of that too

what i learnt today: that not all mondays are shit – at least not all the way through

what i am grateful for: the reaction that a huge avocado brings to people’s faces

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