day of rest?

thanks to the internet, i didn’t get to bed until after 2, ignoring the fact that leo was coming for breakfast at 8… so i didn’t get much sleep, never my best. and to make the morning even more interesting – remember  i was house sitting for 1 night – one of the dogs left me a regurgitated present on the wooden floor near the front door… charming…

anyway, a super breakfast with a great friend was followed by a ride to lion’s head on my motorcycle i’m so enjoying this on sunny days! for a walk up with rahima. for a long long time walks up lion’s head have been a form of therapy for some of my friends and I. sadly 2 of my regular walkers have moved to vienna, after more than 5 years of chatting, listening, helping, being there – on foot – on the lion. not easy to replace. but this is the 2nd sunday in  row that rahima and i have done the stroll. it’s very busy – but oh so beautiful… how long we are to live in this city 🙂

the work’s emergency phone would choose to ring while we were up there… timing is crap, but what can one do, it is par for the course.

after that i rushed to rehearsals, which consisted largely of a photo shoot – pics for the press and mugshots for the programme – which took ever so long. then a quick run through of part of act I. it still needs a lot of work, but as ProdSec (first time for me) it has been so beneficial to spend time chatting with Wendy and others after some rehearsals… such a great place to learn from experience… thank you!

and now just a relaxing, reading evening before another work-week… wish me luck…

what bugged me today: the reaction that some people have to my needing to carry a work cellphone 24/7. i’m sure they don’t understand the need fully, and that while i don’t like always like it, it’s just one of those you don’t dwell on

what i learnt today: while reading “the terminal man” i learnt some more about the history of Iran and why the older iranians dislike the americans so much. it is one of my favourite visited countries in so many ways… good to get additional insight

what i am grateful for: being able to stand on lion’s head, about 300m above sea level, and still hear the waves crash on the beach below… and all so close to where we live, work, and breath… how very lucky i am

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