better – much better!

well, we’re not out of the woods yet, but it certainly shows you the value of relationships. we have found a partial solution to the problems of yesterday –and here i refer to the big problem- but the boss doesn’t know yet, and i still need to run it past her… i’m surprised i managed to sleep last night with all the stuff happening

anyway – something i want to do on this blog on a daily basis is to note 3 things:

1. Something that pissed me off / upset me / disappointed me – and what i did or can do about it

2. Something that i learnt

3. Something that i’m grateful for

it will help to get things into perspective i think – and make sure I keep learning. so here goes:

1. Disappointment: that of 2 people i interviewed today, neither seems suitable for the positions i desperately need to fill – i will have to keep looking

2. Learnt: that airport taxes in the middle east are less than in europe

3. Grateful: I am very grateful for the good that can come out of good relationships, and the amount of money it saved in this problem we had

and now, now i’m off to rehearsals – ciao amigos!

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