a new day – let’s hope there’s no new crap!

one has to be thankful for friends – good friends are what bring the balance into life and make it all better. after finally leaving the office at 7 last night, i went for a quick run at the gym – a new gym i hadn’t been before – some cute guys there too…- i arrived at chantal’s for dinner.

i had tried in vain to find her flowers, but she took that bad news in her stride and was grateful for the attempt.

we had such wonderful conversations and laughs – just what i needed. it’s wonderful growing up, isn’t it? we can have such good talks,¬†comment about how great sex is (not me. i’m still dry and doing what woody allen suggests) and tell each other how much we like each other and that suicide is not an option for a crap day.

thank you for friends!

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